Android Based Taxi Booking System.

LOCATE CAB is an online taxi booking system which ensures its users a well arranged and organized system for taxi arrangement. ATBS allows its users to select an available taxi near to his location using GPS (Global Positioning System). ATBS system uses android based GPS devices in taxis, which are user friendly and very simple to use. After confirmation from both ends, a well secured taxi facility is enabled, which keep track on entire journey process.
The System has a lots of features for enhancing taxi booking as well as the entire journey. The apps are capable of traking users instantly. The location status of user can be viewed on device, using google maps. There is also option for selecting different paths,and thereby customizing the route. There is a coordinate based distance calculator, which tracks taxi movement to calculate distance. From taxi owner side, the system provides live tracking, live monitoring of trips, total amount calculation and lot more.



A User with our app can view taxis near him, select best taxi according to his need, Book a taxi, select and customize route etc


Driver must have a device with internet facility throughout the day, he han preview a trip route from user, accept/reject it, view route live etc


Owner can live-track all activities of driver using our application, he can view monthly rates, dialy rates etc


"Android Based Taxi Booking System(ATBS) LOCATE CAB is developed under the R&D arm of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Centre (IEDC) of AJCE, - 'Amal Jyothi Scholars’ Community for Inspiring Innovation (ACII) - I2U Contest, by Jis Joe Mathew, Guided by Prof.Manoj T Joy (Head of Department, CSE)."

Design by Jis @ LOCATE CAB